Steri Kleen 3A


STERI-KLEEN is a strong and effective solution to stop bacterias that causes bad smell. This product is especially popular with our clients that is in contact with manhole or portable toilets. A splash of Steri-Kleen instantaneously makes the work environment easier to work with thus preventing any mishaps from happening. Steri-Kleen 3a is also non-toxic making it a great outdoor cleaning product that prevents fertilizers from breaking down.

STERI-KLEEN 3A is an excellent multi-purpose germicides that has 3 Actions :

• Sanitise
• Disinfect
• Deodorise

Features / Benefits
★ Super Concentrated and economical
★ For moping & wiping (Dilution 1 : 50-100 part water)
★ Get rid of stubborn foul odour instantly
★ Get rid of cockroaches, bugs & ants
★ Safely used for all cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising for all hard surfaces
★ Pleasant Fragrance