Sanitary Disposal Service

• Lid Flap – Tight fitting lid; Makes sure that the contents cannot be seen by the user
• Cover – The cover with a close fitting seal to the base and is easily removable for servicing, it has a carrying handle and can be lifted by hand
• Body – Made of rigid poly propylene, it is flexible enough to easily fix the lid tightly and extremely smooth so that it is impervious to blood borne pathogens
• Smooth Lines – The Sanitary Bins has smooth line and is designed for easy cleaning
• Anti Vandal – Being made of Poly propylene, the DC1800 is highly resistant to abusive knocking and kicking
• Pedal – Allows efficient hands free use, it is also discretely removable so that the Sanitary Bins can be easily stacked for servicing purposes.
• High Capacity – Although the design of the Sanitary Bins allows it to look small, it has a large capacity of 18 ltrs
• Plastic Liner – The plastic liner is easily fitted into the Sanitary bins.