Refreshing Floor Cleaner


Refreshing Clean is a versatile multipurpose cleaner with a lasting
perfumed fragrance. Being neutral pH, it is suitable for many surfaces
(marble, reflective floorings, walls, tables, windows etc).
Refreshing Clean is a water-soluble detergent designed for light soils and
general cleaning and is perfect for offices and classrooms. It is non-toxic,
biodegradable, non-flammable, non-corrosive and easy rinsing.
~ Neutral (suitable for all flooring types)
~ Multi-purpose (suitable for multiple surfaces)
~ Enduring and lasting perfumed fragrance
~ Water soluble and easy rinsing (dissolves readily in water)
~ High concentration for greater economy
~ Non-toxic (suitable for childcare centres, homes and offices)
~ Biodegradable